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About Us

Welcome to Bella Vegas Boutique. We are a online boutique that specializes in making women feel good through quality, yet affordable pieces.  We feel that women are the backbone of the family, many times working full time (in or out of the home), being the CEO of the family, VP of schedule coordination, Head Chef, and overall house manager- just to name a few of the tasks.  If the woman feels good, we feel this radiates throughout the family and throughout the community. She will shine a little brighter, she will smile more- and this world needs more of that. That’s where Bella Vegas Boutique comes in. We take the guess work out of one aspect- clothes. 

Bella Vegas Boutique was created with working women in mind that have little time for fashion, yet want to look fashionable. 

Susan Dow - CEO and Founder, works full time at a corporate job and helps with the business as a labor of love.  She strongly believes in supporting women and feels passionately about helping women empower themselves through fashion.  When you look good, you feel good.  Looking good is different for every woman, and she understands that whatever makes you feel good or sexy or comfortable, is exactly what you need to do.   

Mark Dow, co-founder, is also a working professional outside of the boutique, but loves helping Susan and Bella find things that make them happy.  He is the company photographer, purse watcher when at market, luggage hauler and overall muscle of the group, carrying up and down the inventory and boxes.  

Bella Vegas, co-founder and namesake, is currently still in school and enjoys being our model and muse.  Her style is catered more towards the younger crowd and is eager to have a line dedicated to her own vibe. 

Bella Vegas, established late 2022, continues to evolve and we are excited to see what the future brings.  

Mark, Susan and Bella Vegas sincerely thank you for visiting and hope you love each piece as much as we do.